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6 responses to “Discussion

  1. While your site appears to be on the side of the angels, and I enjoy a bit of
    CCP bashing myself, the latter should be done in an analytical manner and using some conceptual argumentation, references etc. This absence is the reason why Custer’s and PKs threads are barely worth perusing of late. Good luck with your enterprise.

    To rehash something I wrote on Custer and Adam Cathcarts site

    Land reclamations affect older folk with livelihoods and other attachments to their plots. (Water quality and water access issues also feature here.) Older folk are probably a lot more accustomed to bowing before authority and physical force, even though there are some who turn up in Beijing annually to present their petitions. That said, the feeling of being done over by govt officials and developers must still simmer like a boil just below the surface.

    The recent unrest in Quangdong was a younger generation thing. Rural youth migrant workers who couldn’t wait to get out of the rural villages quickly enough and have no intention of returning other than for the annual family visit. Escaping from rural boredom, they are in the cities for good, and also have a greater sense of self-worth and of their civil rights. Importantly, the old village social ties of both mutual support and coercion are a thing of the past: they are now atomised individuals in the big city. Ant people plus underground Beijing and they looking towards an urban future.

    With something like 80 million CCP members, and with many under 35 and simply there for SOE and CV reasons.
    “The age profile of the Communist Party is getting younger. At the end of last year, 24.3 percent were under 35, from 23.7 percent in 2009. Desribed by one journalist as the worlds largest chanber of commerce”.
    The Party has recruited close to 10 million new members in the last couple of years

    These are the two of the most important classes in China today, and they are both under 35.

    • Hey! I recognize you from custers site. Thanks for the good luck.

      I’d like to do more analysis, but my day job has been keeping me really busy lately. If you ever have any spare analysis to contribute, or disagree with something you see here, definitely let me know!

  2. Cheers and Thank You.


    Also another wordpress site, but like you, tres busy, but intend to return to the main game soon.

    You have to sort thru the silly stuff, before you hit Bo and China’s environment.

    Probably time to move to a new site.

  3. Like the new wp theme, esp the banner layout at the top.

  4. alfred beilin

    good day everyone happy new year to yous all
    alfred beilin

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