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“Major leak sheds light on Chinese propaganda strategy”

A number of sources are writing about the Danish newspaper Information, which has received a leak of 60 pages of material from the highest offices of the Communist Party. Foreign Policy has a write-up here, and quotes from the leak itself include:

“All illegal and harmful information from Chinese and overseas websites have to be completely blocked and deleted”

“We must reduce the power that supporters of Tibetan independence and Xinjiang’s separatist forces enjoy in the international public opinion”

The leaked papers reveal China’s growing concern over its poor international image and specify ways of increasing its diplomatic influence across the globe. The documents propose more stringent ways of preventing critical voices and critical news reports from finding their way to foreign media columns. This includes tightening the reigns on foreign journalists and NGO’s based in China, exerting ‘greater control over the access of Western cultural products to the Chinese market’, and preventing ‘regime enemies from speaking their mind in foreign media.’

Obviously it’s very rare for material like this to find its way to the public. Hopefully the leaker will get the chance to do this again!


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