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“Photos: Unrelenting rains continue throughout southern and central China”

Two weeks ago I said that those suffering from the drought in central China could look forward to some good news: rain! Commenter “Tom” pointed out that this might not actually be good news- and sure enough, instead of 7 days of light rain central China has instead seen something like 10 days of medium to torrential rain. Wuhan was host to a ludicrously crazy thunderstorm, and Shanghaiist has collected some pictures from across the area:

The rains and flooding that are now raging throughout southern and central China stand in direct contrast with the severe drought that we highlighted several weeks ago. The volatility of recent precipitation patterns, completely lacking one week and then provided excessively the next, means the old adage of ‘when it rains, it pours non-stop for days on end like something out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez magical-realist novel’ is still accurate.

Do check out the pictures- and best of luck to the farmers trying to make it through this.

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