About This Site

The China Hotline was started in May 2011 to help provide readers with a better understanding of modern China. At present China receives ample coverage from standard media outlets- but separating the wheat from the chaff could be a full-time job. At the same time, deeply insightful content from sources outside of the mainstream has trouble breaking through the noise. The mission of this website is to present timely stories of the best quality on a wide range of topics, with a focus on human rights, ethnic minority issues, and governance.

16 responses to “About This Site

  1. Tom

    Great site, I hope you will keep this up.

  2. icdea

    Hey we really like your Blog, we added your blog on our blogroll (our favorite blogs) and would be glad if you could do the same with our blog: http://www.thesinoglobaldiscourse.wordpress.com

    warm regards
    ICD Team

  3. Wonderful blog site you have. I got a question though, can you maybe do a future blog post about the Hakka people (also known as Kejia ren) in China as well as a blog post about the history of Chinese foot binding? Thanks.

    • Thanks! As you can see, most of my posts come from current events, although if someone has something good about history then I’ll post it too. As such, the Hakka seem pretty quiet compared to some other minorities, although off the top of my head I’d assume they also face cultural assimilation issues and probably some tourism maldevelopment? I don’t know how foot binding could come up. Either way I’ll certainly keep my eye out for anyone writing anything interesting about either of them!

      • Sure, chinahotline. I heard that the Hakka people in China are well-known for having those unique-lloking houses in Tulou which are recognised by UNESCO. If you know someone who does something about the houses, would look forward to reading

  4. Bill Ganapathy

    I have a similar site like your’s but not that detail oriented. How can I get in touch with you privately, safeguarding our interests?

  5. You are doing a great job covering China’s current events. I’ve been learning about the Tibetan issue for a while now and your links and articles are very informative. Cheers!

  6. Please spread the latest news in terms of Tibetan movement
    nice results

  7. K. Teleman

    Thank you for your post on current political rumors and for your site. With so much depending on what China does, so little is available offering both alternatives on obtaining information and on alternative viewpoints.

  8. df-41

    hope the chinese government shuts down this china bashing site and kills the owner of this website.


  9. Bill Ganapathy

    Have not been getting any posts from you for a while and I do miss it.

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