China Hotline Hiatus

It’s been more than a few weeks since I updated here, and it’s probably about time to put in an official word. Right now my day job is starting to entail more and more writing about China, which is using a lot of the energy for which I had previously been using this site as an outlet. When events warrant longer blog posts or opinions which I can’t put forth at work, I may still put them here- but for the moment, probably no more news aggregating. I’ll keep the site up, and we’ll see if/when regular updates start to make sense again.

-The Management


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2 responses to “China Hotline Hiatus

  1. Bill Ganapathy

    Gosh, I and am sure there are many m,re like me who will sorely miss it. Can you tell me where i can peruse more of your writing about China. Matter of fact, I use some of your updates to spread the word around about that evil regime holding its citizenry hostage. There should be more like you spreading the word around. Whatever, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I’d actually prefer to keep the specifics of my day job somewhat under wraps, but I will say it’s with one of the larger pro-Tibetan organizations. Take care.

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