Confirmed: Another Self-Immolation in Amdo

This one also took place in Tsoe, near the site of the previous self-immolation at Dokar Monastery. From BBC:

Tamdrin Dorjee has been identified as the grandfather of the seventh Gungthang Rinpoche, who Tibetan Buddhists believe is the reincarnation of an important religious figure.

Kate Saunders from the International Campaign for Tibet told the BBC that monks from the Tsoe monastery and local people were attending a prayer service for him.

She said they had received reports that security deployments had been stepped up in the region and transportation has been shut down in the city of Tsoe – considered by Tibetans to be in north-eastern Tibet – for several hours.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the Gungthang Rinpoche connection- he’s revered in the area for his role in the rebuilding of Labrang Monastery after the Cultural Revolution. I’ve been to the area twice, and pictures of the young Gungthang Rinpoche (currently 10 years old) are posted prominently in pretty much every Tibetan-owned shop, hotel, and restaurant.

A little bit more from RFA:

Security forces moved into the area as monks took his body to his home village, another resident said.

“The monks of Tsoe monastery and Tibetans who reached the site of the self-immolation took the body of Tamdin Dorjee to his home village.”

“At the same time, large numbers of police both in uniform and in plainclothes flooded the area,” the source said.

“The Chinese police also arrived at the home village of Tamdin Dorjee. They had already put restrictions on phones and other lines of communication.”

Photos of the scene obtained by RFA showed security forces on the grounds of the monastery and dozens of monks and bystanders gathering around the Tamdin Dorjee’s burned body to say prayers.


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