ABC Sneaks Into Tibet

Stephen McDonell from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the latest journalist to defy a Chinese ban on journalists, and the only one to have done so in months. His report confirms what Tibetans are already loudly telling us through other channels:

McDonell and Robert Barnett were having a lively twitter debate about the ethics of broadcasting this, given the ease with which Chinese authorities can now find the people interviewed. I’m glad to see this footage out there and to have the self-immolation crisis get a bit more international press, but I’m also curious about exactly what happened and what decisions were made regarding the protection of their sources in the video.

Note the telling exchange at the end, when the plainclothes policeman admits that they’re being kicked out not because of some danger they face, but simply because they’re reporting in a Tibetan area.


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One response to “ABC Sneaks Into Tibet

  1. Some brave journalists. I’ve read from a few from Australia.

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