“Chinese Flag Removed Again”

China just can’t keep its flag up in Tibet, where RFA reports it was pulled down again in Kardze a few days ago:

On Friday, the Chinese flag was removed and the Tibetan flag hoisted around midnight at an elementary school in the Tibetan-populated Sershul (Shiqu in Chinese) county, according to Jampa Yonten, a Tibetan exile monk based in southern India, citing sources in the region.

“At midnight on Friday, the Chinese national flag on a pole in the Wenbo township elementary school was taken down, and a Tibetan flag was raised instead,” Jampa Yonten told RFA’s Mandarin service on Sunday.

“At that time, there were also a lot of leaflets scattered on the ground in the school. On those leaflets, the words ‘Freedom for Tibet’ were written in red letters.”

The exiled monk said the previous Chinese flag-removal incident at the school occurred on February 4 amid a spate of deadly protests against Chinese rule in Sichuan province and that Chinese authorities had then sent hundreds of police personnel to the area in a bid to tighten security.

It’s worth keeping in mind once again that Kardze was outside of the area controlled by the Lhasa government at the time of the Chinese invasion, and as far as I know the Tibetan flag used by Lhasa at the time never flew there. Beijing loves to remind us that these areas haven’t been directly ruled by the Lhasa government in some time, but this is illustrative of how Tibetan national sentiment is a major force across all of Tibet, not just the province labeled as such by Beijing.


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