“Tibetan Monks Detained in Raid”

An unfortunately Sichuan-styled response to recent protests in Yushu prefecture led the local government to invade Zilkar Monastery and take away several monks, according to RFA:

Hundreds of heavily armed Chinese security forces raided a Tibetan monastery in the northwestern province of Qinghai at the weekend, taking away four monks previously targeted for detention and holding another monk for taking photographs of the raid, Tibetan sources said.

Local Tibetans believe at least three of the monks were picked up during the Saturday raid for providing foreign media outlets with details about two nearby self-immolation protests in June, an India-based Tibetan told RFA, citing sources in the region.

Monks who intervened to stop the detentions were beaten, the sources said.

The fully armed security forces in riot gear surrounded the monastery, the source said, adding, that “they came to detain four monks whose names and other information about them were already known.”

Chinese police conducting the raid were so numerous that they “filled the monastery” and appeared to outnumber the monastery’s own 500 monks, the source said.

Detained in the raid were Lobsang Jinpa, 30; Tsultrim Kalsang, 25; Ngawang Monlam, 30; and Sonam Yignyen, 44.

A fifth monk, Sonam Sherab, 45, was taken into custody when he was observed filming the police operation, the source said.

The article mentions that the monastery was the site of “unauthorized” funeral ceremonies for recent self-immolators.


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