“Chinese activists arrested by Japan after landing on disputed island”

Apparently the ‘invoke nationalism by whining about the Senkaku/Diaoyutai islands’ card is having some unintended consequences these days:

Shortly after the activists’ arrest, China vowed to lodge a formal complaint with Japan.

The activists, more than a dozen in all, had set out from Hong Kong for the islands — called Diaoyu by the Chinese and Senkaku by Japan. They carried with them five Chinese flags, reportedly intending to evade Japanese authorities patrolling the islands and to use the flags to claim the territory for China.

Many Chinese activists have embarked on similar forays in recent years, and several have been turned away by Japanese authorities.

A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement urging Japan to refrain from doing anything that would endanger Chinese citizens or their property.

I would assume they are mainland Chinese who just left from Hong Kong, because I’m sure Hong Kongers don’t get as crazy about these islands than people who live in the middle of the swirling propaganda vortex Beijing has created in mainland China.

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