“1st Tibetan Olympian wins medal for China”

From the AP, an article on Choeyang Kyi, the first Tibetan Olympic medalist:

Standing apart but, just this once, both wanting the same thing, groups of Chinese supporters shouted “Jia You!” while the Tibetans yelled “Gyuk!” – both meaning, “Go on!”

The Chinese waved their red flags. The Tibetans waved the flag of Tibet that is banned in China, with a bright yellow sun rising over a snow-clad mountain. They could hear and see each other, but they studiously ignored each other, too.

Not only did Qieyang make history for Tibetans, she won a medal, too – bronze in the women’s 20-kilometer race walk Saturday. She beamed when she crossed the finish line, a picture of delight. If she felt discomfort at all as a Tibetan in Chinese colors, she didn’t show it.

“I’m extremely honored to take part as the first representative of the Tibetans at the Olympic Games and to win a medal,” she said.

But she looked alarmed when asked if she saw the Tibetan flags, shaking her head and refusing to answer.

Great job to whichever worthless journalist thought it was a good idea to ask a young Tibetan runner who will return to China shortly about whether or not she saw Tibetan flags. Great job.


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