“Tibetan teen monk dies in 44th self-immolation protest”

Grim news via Tibet Post:

The 18 year old monk identified as Lobsang Lozin, of Gyalrong Tsodun Kirti Monastery, set his body on fire near the monastery’s main prayer hall around noon and walked in the direction of the County’s local authority office engulfed in flame and died of the burns immediately, sources told exile groups.

While engulfed in flames, sources said, Lozin was heard chanting some slogans which can’t be clearly understood. His charred body was immediately taken into the possession of the fellow monks of the monastery where prayers are being held.

Sources also said anger are rife in the area and expressed fears of further tension as the local Tibetan population have gathered in strength to stand guard at the County’s main entry point to prevent the Chinese security officials from coming to the self-immolation site.

In March this year, two other monks of Gyalrong Tsodun Kirti Monastery, situated 85 kms north of Barkham County, set themselves on fire and died in protest against China’s harsh rule and restriction on the religious freedom. The monastery has more than 300 monks, according to sources.

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