“Han Only”

Autonomous Region has an example of the kind of day-to-day discrimination that mostly flies under the radar, sadly:

The government of Urumqi recently posted a recruitment notice to hire 27 civil service positions this year; 10 of them at the rank of Division Head, 17 at the rank of Deputy Division Head. Like many other things in China’s “minority regions” all positions are ethnicity-specific: all the 10 Division Head rank positions may only be filled by Han; of the 17 Deputy Division Head positions, two may be Uyghur, one by Kazakh, and one by Hui. That means, of the 27 positions at the two Division Head levels, only two may be Uyghur. And this is the capital of a Uyghur region that they call “autonomous.”

This doesn’t only happen with government positions, as private positions in both Xinjiang and the Tibetan regions are frequently given ethnic qualifications. I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure open job discrimination does a lot more to drive ethnic conflict than any of the things the Chinese government ever blames- Rebiya, Dalai, CNN, etc.


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