“Scholar posts 10-year plan for social and political reform”

CMP is carrying the story, and their headline may as well have been “Liu Xiaobo is about to get a new cellmate.” Yu Jianrong is looking to get in trouble:

Yu Jianrong (于建嵘), one of China’s most outspoken intellectuals, yesterday posted a ten-year plan for social and political development in China on his Tencent microblog account. The plan called for a three-year initial phase of concerted social and judicial reforms, including the abolishment of the petitioning and household registration systems, followed by a second phase of political reforms moving China toward constitutional democracy.

Yu’s plan gives readers a general idea of many of the concrete changes proposed in China by pro-reformers under the auspices of “political reform”.

A translation of the general outline for Yu Jianrong’s plan follows.

Check out their post for the plan itself.


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