“Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang were planning coup”

This is a WantChinaTimes summary of a Mingjing article, so lets just go ahead and call it probably reasonably inaccurate, but at least we get the gist of what the coup was even supposed to be about. The article ties Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai, and Zhou Yongkang’s stories together in a neat little package- what a shame it probably isn’t the case:

Detained former Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun is rumored to hold evidence of a secret plot by Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang to block the expected succession of Chinese vice president Xi Jinping as general secretary of the Communist Party, according to Mingjing News, a New York-based website allegedly sourced by political insiders.

Mingjing News, a widely read news portal, has now linked Bo’s downfall to an alleged conspiracy to prevent Xi from becoming the most powerful member of the CCP.

According to an unnamed Beijing source, Zhou Yongkang, a member of the elite nine-member Politburo Standing Committee, secretly promised to help Bo join him in the country’s most powerful decision-making body and take over his role as secretary of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee. This would have allowed Bo to control the People’s Armed Police and Ministry of Public Security, and force Xi to step down before inserting himself in the vice president’s place as expected future general secretary, the source said.

Mingjing also reported that Bo, through Wang and in the name of Chongqing’s Public Security Bureau, purchased 5,000 rifles and 50,000 rounds of ammunition from a local munitions factory last year in order to create a private army. The People’s Armed Police has already been sent to Chongqing to investigate the whereabouts of the weapons, the report said.

Wang and Kong have allegedly known each other for more than 20 years and collaborated on several business deals. Due to the closeness of their relationship, the source said that Wang has evidence of years of egregious corruption on the part of Kong, Zhou’s son and wife, and their secretaries, Yu Gang and Tan Hong. Wang has reportedly moved the evidence overseas, partly to the US consulate, as leverage to ensure that he remains protected. This is why Zhou, who fears the release of that information, has not yet handed Wang over to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, sources said. Fear of the ramifications of holding information on Kong and Zhou was crucial in leading Wang to attempt defection and to Bo’s eventual dismissal, said the source. Kong will remain the focus of whatever happens next, the source added.

Bo is now believed to be under house arrest in Beijing while his wife, Gu Kailai, has reportedly been taken by the discipline inspection committee for questioning. According to Foreign Reference News, a magazine rumored to be affiliated with Jiang’s political faction, Hu was said to have personally directed Bo’s arrest, ordering the secretariat and the director of the General Office of the Central Committee to mobilize the country’s secret security force, the Central Guard Bureau.

A Beijing observer also told Mingjing that all of Bo’s supporters are currently in the hands of the bureau, which arrested and detained them under a different set of rules.

Mingjing has been able to provide little substantive evidence to back up any claims made by it or its source. The website said it will reveal more news on Bo in due course.

Yeeeep. A foiled leftist plot would be a great way to usher in a political reformation by the victorious pro-reform camp, so no one wants this to be true more than me… but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence to support it at the moment.


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