“Chinese language textbooks ripped as students demand books in Tibetan”

Another student protest in Amdo, with students in Rebkong taking matters into their own hands (via Phayul):

Tibetan school students in Rebkong, eastern Tibet carried out a large protest calling for language rights after they were issued textbooks in Chinese language.

Around 700 students of the Rebkong County National Middle School, Rongwo Town, took part in the protests Sunday, March 4.

London based Free Tibet in a release yesterday said the students were “enraged” when they found their textbooks were in Chinese language upon their return to the boarding school after holidays.

“They started ripping the books up and tried to march into the town to call for language rights.”

However, the students were stopped by their teachers and headmaster from proceeding any further.

According to the group, the teachers feared that the consequences of protesting, for both the school and the students, would be much more severe than usual given the ongoing wave of self-immolations and protests in Tibet.

In order to quell the situation, the vice-director of the County Education Bureau visited the school and explained that the Chinese language textbooks were issued, as Tibetan textbooks could not be printed on time.

Although the students were assured that Tibetan textbooks would be ready by September this year, the release said the students were “dubious” about the explanation.


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