“Bo keen to prove his loyalty”

South China Morning Post is one of a few media outlets who seem to be rolling back expectations that Bo Xilai is out for good:

Chongqing Communist Party chief Bo Xilai has held a second municipal party meeting in two weeks to underscore the importance of upholding Beijing’s policies, in a sign the embattled party boss might have waded through the recent political storm that hit the southwestern municipality.

On February 12, Bo held a party meeting that focused on advancing “scientific development”. Both meetings were covered prominently by local media. Neither of the two meetings featured a word about the municipality’s crackdown on organised crime, nor did they promote revolutionary songs – two of Bo’s signature campaigns that help define the so-called Chongqing model.

Zhang said Bo’s public appearances indicated Beijing may have already forgiven him. Bo, considered a “princeling” because his father was a revolutionary veteran, “is unlikely to be punished harshly by Communist Party leaders”, Zhang added.

Johnny Lau Yui-siu, a Hong Kong-based China-watcher, agreed.

“Bo may not be able to hold a spot at the Politburo Standing Committee but his political life will continue unless he encounters a serious conflict with higher officials,” he said.


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