Three Self-Immolations in Serthar

More sad news from Tibet, via Phayul:

A Tibetan in exile with contacts in the region told Phayul that two Tibetans survived the self-immolation but one is feared dead.

“The three Tibetans called for the unity of the Tibetan people and protested against the Chinese government,” the Tibetan who didn’t want to be named said.

RFA adds more details:

News of the self-immolations in a remote village in Serthar on Friday surfaced only a day later due to a clampdown in communications by Chinese authorities following a string of bloody protests a week ago.

“On Feb. 3, three Tibetans self-immolated in protest against Chinese policy at a place called Phuwu in Serthar and one of them died,” an exile source told RFA. The area is near the border with Sichuan’s neighboring Qinghai province, the source said.

“This area is far from the main Serthar county town. The survivors are seriously injured though the details are difficult to obtain due to the shutting down of communication lines in the area,” another source said.


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