“One Tibetan shot dead in Drango Protest in Kandze”

TCHRD is reporting that there’s been another protest in Kandze (Ch: Ganzi), with one or perhaps two Tibetans killed by Chinese forces:

One Tibetan layman, identified as Yonten, has died of gunshot after security officials clamped down on a protest in Drango County (Ch: Luhuo County) in Kandze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, according to information received by TCHRD today.

At least three monks from Drango Monastery are seriously injured, although it is not clear whether these injuries were caused by gunshots.

The protest occurred on the morning of 23 January 2012 when the Public Security Bureau (PSB) officials arrested many Tibetans in and around Drango on the suspicion that they pasted leaflets and posters that warned of more Tibetan self-immolations if the Chinese government did not listen to Tibetan concerns.

Another source reports that at least two Tibetans died in the shooting. However, TCHRD is still trying to confirm the accuracy of this information.


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