“Dalian Authorities Allow Toxic Chemical Plant to Resume Production”

It’s a classic CCP wait’n’switch: now that the Dalian protests are a thing of the past, the concessions boldly won by the protesters have been rolled back by the government. According to the Epoch Times, it plans to go ahead with construction:

Dalian City authorities recently retracted their promise to relocate an unsafe chemical plant that has been the cause of a huge protest several months ago. Dalian residents are upset about the decision and plan to stage another protest.

According to a Dec. 28 report in the Economic Observer, the Dalian City government revoked their previous decision of moving the Fujia Group’s Dahua Petrochemical plant, and instead approved production of p-xylene to resume.

The report quotes an insider who said Dalian officials have not found a new location for the plant and would have to pay enormous compensation for this private company to relocate.

A citizen who attended the protest last August told The Epoch Times: “The common trick used by the government to handle mass protests is to throw them some kind of promise during the heat of the moment to appease them. After that, it will drag things out for however long it takes to leave the problem unsettled, or retract its promise. This incident exposes the Chinese Communist regime’s hoodlum nature. They simply have no sense of shame.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use the same maneuver in the aftermath of the Wukan protests, waiting a number of months while breaking down the resistance leadership before announcing that no changes will be made.


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