“China: Only Talking About a Revolution”

Global Voices Online has a great summary of all the noise generated by Han Han’s three essays, which were posted a few days ago and have been garnering a wide spectrum of reactions since then. As writer John Kennedy summarizes:

Race car driver, author and one of China’s most popular bloggers, Han Han dropped a bomb this weekend with three new blog posts, respectively discussing the possibilities for revolution, democracy and freedom in China.

Unlike Chen Wei, who was just sentenced to nine years in prison for writing four essays, Han and his views on the reform vs. revolution debate and Chinese citizens’ ability to survive institutions such as freedom or democracy have, at least for the moment, brought discussion of a more open future China from the academic and ‘dissident’ spheres to the top of mainstream blog portals and all throughout microblog sites.

Between the three essays, Han frankly addresses questions that Chinese public intellectuals are often criticized for shying away from, but is himself now being accused of misrepresenting the many people in China who do advocate serious political change.

He then goes on to post a number of good comments on the pieces. Well worth a read.


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