“Ai Weiwei Supporters Protest with Mass Nudity”

This whole Ai Weiwei thing is just getting weirder and weirder:

In a rare form of protest in China, supporters of dissident artist Ai Weiwei, under investigation on pornograhy charges, are posting nude photos of themselves.

They are using a Web site that proclaims: “Ai Weiwei Fans’ Nudity. Listen, Chinese Government: Nudity is not Pornography”.

Beijing police questioned Ai’s videographer on Thursday, for allegedly spreading pornography online by taking nude photographs of Ai and four women. One of the pictures, “One Tiger Eight Breasts”, shows Ai posing nude on a wooden chair, flanked by four naked women who are giggling and smiling. The room is bare, the Chinese-style chairs are hard and the overall impression is sparse.

“This is not pornography. If they see nudity as pornography, then China is still in the Qing Dynasty,” which was overthrown 100 years ago, Ai wrote on Twitter

Ahahaha, I don’t even know…



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3 responses to ““Ai Weiwei Supporters Protest with Mass Nudity”

  1. Richard Savary

    Great idea, great protest, great openness! Who, really, could not approve? This is a breakthrough for China, as it would be in the West. We should have more of this in the US.

  2. fman

    When in doubt!! Whip it out!!

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