“The Chinese Government Spends As Much On Alcohol As National Defense”

On the funny side, a report about how much baijiu is used to grease the wheels of government here:

Business in China is always done at the dinner table, over food and drinks.

Lots of drinks.

Chinese officials drink so much that around 600 billion Yuan ($94.5 billion) is spent annually on alcohol, reported Global Times.

The complaint from Chinese citizens is that officials can write off these exorbitant banquets and business meals, getting a reimbursement from the government.

In other words, the Chinese government foots the bill for the officials’ drinks and parties, spending public money for these meals and celebrations.

There is so much binge drinking that Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University has reported that approximately 34 percent of officials now have liver problems.

If one were to try and have a serious take on this story, it’s worth remembering that government offices are frequently the biggest and grandest buildings in Chinese towns, enormous rambling structures that dominate the tiny place around them. Politicians haven’t learned the value of portraying themselves as humble servants here- think all the nonsense from American politicians about being a coal miners son or somesuch whenever election season rolls around. Here it’s more about getting the biggest, blackest car you can and enjoying enormous banquets nightly.


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