“More Tibetan Students Will Be Educated in China”

High Peaks reports that China is making greater efforts to tear more Tibetans out of their society and educate them in the middle of overwhelmingly Han cities- this is pretty good old-fashioned colonialism at work:

According to recent information released by the Tsolho Prefecture Government of Qinghai Province, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province agreed to aid the development of education in Tsolho Prefecture. In September, eighty middle school students from Tsolho will be sent to Jiangsu to study.

According to reports on August 29 in the media, Tsolho Autonomous Prefecture education department has reached an understanding that within the next five years, five thousand Tibetan students from both middle and high schools will be sent to Shandong Province to receive vocational skills training. On August 30, five hundred students from poor families of the prefecture were sent to Qufu Secondary Normal School and Dongping Vocational School in Shandong respectively.

In order to implement the spirit of the Central Party’s Fifth Meeting on Tibet Work, the Confucius Professional Centre, under the direction of United Front Department of the Party, has made arrangements. In July, the working relationship between the Confucius Education Trust and Tibetan Prefecture of Tsolho was established to promote development.

If better education is the aim, why not build these schools where the students actually live? The real goal is to remove them from a Tibetan environment in favor of a Han one.


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