“Thousands Gather over Nun’s Death”

The latest from Ngaba comes courtesy of RFA, who report on a large gathering of Tibetans paying their respects to the late Palden Choetso:

Thousands of Tibetans gathered on Sunday near a monastery in China’s Sichuan province for the cremation of a nun who died last week in the 11th self-immolation incident in Tibetan-populated areas this year.

Palden Choetso, a 35-year-old nun from a nunnery in Tawu (in Chinese, Daofu) county in Kardze (in Chinese, Ganzi) prefecture, set herself on fire while chanting slogans calling for freedom for Tibet.

On Sunday, several thousand Tibetans gathered near the Tawu Nyitso monastery as monks and nuns held prayers inside.

Separately on Friday, a Tibetan exile set himself on fire in front of the Chinese embassy in India’s capital New Delhi in protest against Chinese policies in the region.

Police intervened and put out the fire. The protester, named by fellow activists as Sherab Tsedor, 25, suffered minor burns.

Tsedor had written a statement before the incident calling for worldwide support for Tibetans against the “ongoing repressive measures” imposed by China.

The blockade of the funeral of one of the earlier self-immolaters was a major contributing factor to the large protests and increased security presence that followed- have Chinese police in the region learned that not getting in the way of a funeral is good policy?


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