“Tibet Government Building Bombed”

Via RFA we hear of an office bombed in Chamdo, a major city in Tibet. It’s strange that this isn’t getting more play, although I guess a bomb exploding and no one getting hurt in a city most people have never heard of might not be the newsworthiest thing in the world:

A bomb has exploded at a government building in a town in Tibet’s Chamdo prefecture and Chinese security forces have sealed off the area, according to Tibetan sources.

The blast in Dzagyu Karma township comes amid rising protests, including 10 self-immolations this year, against Chinese rule in Tibetan-populated areas.

“In the early dawn hours of Oct. 26, there was an explosion in a local government building,” said a member of the India-based Tibetan exile parliament, speaking to RFA on condition of anonymity and citing sources in Tibet.

“No casualties were reported,” he said. “This could be because no one stays in the building overnight.”

Walls of the building had also been painted with slogans in red calling for independence for Tibet, and leaflets had been scattered in the area, he added.

“Now, police and soldiers have blocked both sides of the bridge near the township, and no one is being allowed to cross the bridge. People going to Chamdo and leaving Chamdo are being stopped,” he said.

Reached for comment, a Chamdo government official confirmed the bombing, adding, “No one was hurt.”

“The Chamdo county government has already sent police and armed public security forces to the town,” he said.


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