“We will drive away cold-heartedness”

Fallout from the Yueyue case reported by SCMP. Yueyue died in the hospital, but she seems to have gotten something of a reaction from some of her countrymen:

Nearly 200 people gathered yesterday at an alley in Foshan – where a toddler was run over twice by vans and then ignored by 18 passers-by – to give strangers free hugs and declare “war” on social apathy and cold-heartedness.

Two-year-old Wang Yue – nicknamed Yueyue by her family – died in Guangdong on Friday.

The crowd of nearly 200 people were responding to an online message sent on Saturday evening by a Foshan motivational speaker calling on citizens to gather at the metal hardware wholesale market where she was run over on October 13.

He Qihui , 27, of Foshan, said he was saddened to see how fellow residents of the city had behaved.

“I will use my action to prove that Foshan and its people are not cold-hearted,” He said.

Liu Minglei , 24, a shop owner in the market from Yueyue’s hometown in Liaocheng , Shandong province, said: “I’m in great pain, as it feels like the accident has happened to me, because the girl is one of my own people.”

The girl’s death has given rise to a spate of national soul-searching. On Saturday, more than 10,000 Guangzhou residents mourned her with slogans and pictures denouncing cold-heartedness in society and advocating safe driving, the Guangzhou Daily reported.


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