“Monks Held Amid Solidarity Rally”

Things still sound pretty tense in Ngaba:

Security has been tightened in Ngaba (in Chinese, Aba) prefecture, where Tibetans gathered at the county town Wednesday wearing traditional attire and reciting prayers for five of the nine people who died after setting themselves ablaze this year.

“On the night of Oct. 17, Kirti monk Puntsok, aged 28, of the Siriktsang house in Naktsangma village, Cha township, was arrested from his room at the monastery by policemen who beat him as they took him away,” Kanyag Tsering and Lobsang Yeshi, two monks from Kirti’s sister monastery in India’s Dharamsala hill town, said in a statement to RFA.

On Wednesday, they said, a large number of townspeople wearing Tibetan dress gathered in the streets of Ngaba county town, reciting prayers and fasting, in a demonstration of solidarity.

“On two occasions they attempted to stage public protests but were unable to do so in unison, and police and soldiers wielding firearms moved to disperse them,” they said.

A few days ago, Chinese authorities held meetings in every township in Ngaba county to inform the people that monks were disallowed to recite prayers for those who have died as a result of anti-government protest, the monks said.


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