“Thousands riot in south China over land grab”

I thought the 2011 Protest Season was over… apparently not. Latecomers in Lufeng city aim to make up for lost time (via Reuters):

Witnesses in Lufeng city said the protests, in which around a dozen residents were hurt, were triggered by the seizure of hectares of land and their sale to property developer Country Garden for 1 billion yuan ($156.6 million), Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported.

Directing their ire at the local seat of government and attacking buildings including the local Communist Party headquarters and a police station, the angry mob in some cases used “sticks, bricks and their fists,” the Post reported.

Roads were also blocked, and a businessman said several thousand villagers had joined demonstrations outside government headquarters since Wednesday.

The dispute was triggered on Wednesday morning when villagers demanded the return of their land, the report said.

Note that this is happening under the rule of Wang Yang, whose Guangdong Model is being viewed as a potential alternative to the iron-fisted Chonqging Model. He better put it into practice fast.


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