“Worth a Thousand Words”

RFA has a story from Xinjiang- take a few minutes to read it and see the picture itself:

I met and spoke with [the subjects of the photo] in front of the Tianshan Detention Center when I was there to visit one of my relatives who had been detained for participating in the July 5 ethnic unrest.

The father in the picture was unable to get any information on the whereabouts of his elder son after the night of July 6. The boy in the picture is his younger son.

They were originally from Maralbeshi county in Kashgar prefecture. His elder son was working as a laborer at a construction site in Urumqi when the July 5 event occurred.

The father and younger son spent their last money traveling to the capital in hopes of finding him five months after he went missing, but their last hope was shattered when they were told at the detention center that “No such persons have been recorded in this center.”

It was my first experience watching a man break down and cry because of such a desperate situation. Since then, I promised myself that I would raise this picture whenever I have a chance to speak to public.


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