“Calls to Free Blind Activist Met With Violence”

A few activists tried to break Chen Guangcheng out of his house arrest yesterday. From Global Voices we hear that they ran into quite a bit of trouble:

After serving a 51-month sentence for disturbing public order, blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was released in September 2010, but has been kept under house arrest for more than a year by local police in Linyi, Shandong province.

During the Jasmine crackdown in February this year, Chen’s house was raided by a group of men who took away his computer, television, camera, books and documents and cut off his power and telephone line. They also injured the blind men and his wife. As the house arrest is extended to his 6-year old daughter, she cannot even attend school.

Yesterday two female activists tried to enter Linyi village but were robbed and dumped in a nearby county, a few hours away.

“Please help: Last night [we] were caught at Dongshi town Guchuan village. Around us were 20 big Shandong guys who surrounded us and dragged us to a dark house. They took off our clothes, stole our cell phones and money. They covered our heads with bags and threw us out (separately) from the car in the middle of nowhere at Laiwu city, Miaoshan town. I ran into a good hearted driver who drove me to Miaoshan and gave me 10 RMB. Please help to contact three of my Twitter friends (who were in Linyi) to come here and help. I don’t have any money with me and am now starving. Pearlher has their phone numbers.”

A Buddhist nun tries to free a blind activist… and gets beaten up, robbed, and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Human rights are clearly developing at lightning speed here.


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