“Vladimir Putin and Chinese Panchen Lama nominated for Confucius Peace Prize”

Ahahahahahaha. Hahahahahhahahahahhahahah, hahahahahaha…. hahaha. Angry about Liu Xiaobo, last year Beijing announced that it was going to make its own peace prize! From Shanghaiist, we learn about the nominees:

China’s Confucius Peace Prize, unveiled hastily last year after a bunch of cantankerous Scandinavians had the nerve to award the Nobel Peace Prize to a Chinese citizen, is back! Among the shining beacons of peace in the running for the highly-uncoveted prize this year is Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, known around the world for his dictatorial ways, forcible silencing of his critics, and for being the “Butcher of Chechnya”.

Two of the eight nominees are recycled from last year’s list: Gyaltsen Norbu, the 21-year-old boy hailed by the Chinese government as the 11th Panchen Lama (but not recognised anywhere else), is one of them.

Lien Chan (连战), honorary chairman of the Kuomintang, was the embarrassed winner of the inaugural prize last year. He did not attend the award ceremony, saying he had only heard of the prize through the press and had not received any official invitation to attend the ceremony.

I move that we start referring to this one as the Ironic Peace Prize.


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