“Independent Candidate Yu Nan’s Candidacy Revoked for No Reason”

We’ve been following the upsurge in independent candidates for local elections- many have been harassed by the government or had their candidacies invalidated for any number of meaningless reasons. Another one has bitten the dust, this time for no reason whatsoever:

On September 7, Yu was suddenly notified by the Election Committee of the National People’s Congress and asked to turn in original copies of the household registrations and property certificates for all of his 17 nominators. In addition, one of the nominators was required to be present at the Committee for an interview. Yu later managed to collect all of the required documentations in time, and his wife was interviewed as a nominator.

On September 9, however, Yu’s candidacy was revoked with no reason or any prior notification given, despite the fact that he was on the list of four officially registered candidates. And since only three representatives are needed in Yu’s district, there will be no surprise on the election day, which will be September 15.

Another stark reminder that the law exists only as a means of enforcing the Party’s will, and if their will runs contrary to the law, the law loses every time.


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