“A village with only one restaurant”

Danwei has a translation of a joke going around Weibo right now:

There is a village that only has one restaurant. Everyone in the village has to eat at that restaurant.

Villager: Why can’t we have more than one restaurant?
Waiter: Our village is in a stage of development where more than one restaurant can lead to chaos, so we only have one restaurant.

Villager: But the food here is really not good!
Waiter: Our restaurant has only been developing for a short time. Even if the food tasted worse than this, at least it’s our own food!

Villager: But can’t it be a little cheaper?
Waiter: That would not suit the conditions of our village; the restaurant also needs to develop.

Villager: But the employees of the restaurant are all driving Mercedes Benz cars!
Waiter: To ensure fair and uncorrupt staff, you need to pay them high salaries.

How long until the words ‘restaurant’ and ‘village’ get censored to stop this malicious anti-China joke?


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