Nepal arrests Tibetan teens for illegal entry

Tendar Tsering at Phayul has news that a number of Tibetans have been arrested by Nepal, which has recently been disregarding previous agreements on the treatment of Tibetan refugees thanks to pressure from China. It looks like this time they’ll be escorted safely through to India, though:

Barely weeks after Kathmandu assured Beijing of sustained crackdown on anti-China activities on its soil, the Nepali government arrested 20 Tibetan teenagers for entering the country illegally from Tibet, Sunday.

The Agency France Presse (AFP) reported that 15 Tibetan boys and five girls, aged 16 to 18 were stopped at a remote western Himalayan village in Nepal after crossing the border from Tibet on foot.

Nepali police started chasing them after they were seen at Pandusen Saturday night. They had reached the border district after trekking for 16 days.

According to the news agency, a police official is accompanying the teens to Kathmandu where they will be handed over to the immigration authorities in Nepal.

It is reported that the teens are expected to be given safe passage to India, which hosts the exile headquarters of the Tibetans.

Typically arriving Tibetans are given some time at the Reception Center, where a small medical staff treats them for any injuries sustained during the trip- cases of frostbite are common. Then they’re supposed to be registered and sent onwards to Dharamsala, India.


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