“HRIC Blocked from EU-China Human Rights Dialogue Seminar”

The title says it all- Human Rights in China has been excluded from the seminar due to Chinese objections, according to their press release. This isn’t particularly surprising, and the main reason I’m posting it here is because of the amazing Ai Weiwei quote they include. On being characterized as ‘anti-China’ for their work on human rights in China, they quote him saying:

They say it’s anti-China to catch the rapist; it’s anti-China to ask about the quality of building construction when your child is crushed to death; it’s anti-China to expose that there’s poison in our food; it is also anti-China to petition about the beatings, killings, and bullying of common people; just raising questions about the sale of children, or of HIV-infected blood, the illegal coal kilns, the fake news, the judiciary breaking the law, embezzlement and corruption, unconstitutional violation of rights, or the “green-damming” of the Internet, is anti-China. If you aren’t anti-China, are you even human?

from Ai Weiwei, “All That’s Left Is the ‘Grass-mud Horse,’”


Damn, well said.

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