“Attacks thwarted in Xinjiang; few details”

Call me extremely skeptical about this one: Beijing says it prevented a terrorist attack in Xinjiang! One which would have disrupted the Trade Expo! Evidence? Well there isn’t much of that, but you’ll have to take their word for it. It isn’t like they’ve frequently abused claims of terrorism in the past, right?


A Chinese official said security forces defused several plots to sabotage an international trade fair in the turbulent region of Xinjiang, though he provided few details.

The first China-Eurasia Expo opened in the regional capital Urumqi on Thursday, and attendees include Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari and Kyrgyzstan’s caretaker President Roza Otunbayeva. The expo is aimed at cementing Urumqi’s place as Central Asia’s business center for trade and industry, despite a sometimes violent insurgency among its native Muslim population.

Urumqi’s Communist Party boss Zhu Hailun, the city’s most powerful official, said police had defused a number of threats to public safety in recent weeks, though he mentioned only one case. He said a man attempted to take a knife on board a flight departing from Urumqi airport and is now being held on suspicion of planning to carry out an attack during the flight, according to a report by the official Xinhua News Agency appearing in Thursday’s China Daily newspaper.

“There have been many similar cases of attacks being blocked by police,” said Zhu.

He said “separatists, religious extremists and terrorists have been plotting to sabotage the expo,” without elaborating.

No group has claimed responsibility and Beijing has provided no direct evidence to back its claims.

Separatists, religious extremists and terrorists? Where have I heard those three lumped in together before… oh right, any time anything happens or, alternately, doesn’t happen in a minority area here. Apparently here the Three Evils got together and conspired on one attack, which China just happened to nip in the bud without so much as a peep making it out to the public and leaving not so much as a strand of evidence to show off.

Skeptical might not be a strong enough word. I’m going to label this story as presented now ‘preposterous’ and call it a day.


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