“Land grabbing puts Tibetan lives in danger in quake-hit Kyegudo”

After the Yushu earthquake last year a number of people worried that the formerly Tibetan town would be erased in favor of a touristy Han town- according to Phayul, some of those fears are coming true:

Native Tibetans living in Kyegudo in eastern Tibet’s Kham Province, who were devastated by a powerful earthquake in April last year, are losing their land to a large number Chinese migrants.

Reports from the region say the mushrooming Chinese migrants across Kyegudo, including Jachukhog region, are seizing agricultural lands used by local Tibetans for the past many generations. The lives of Tibetans who survive on agricultural produce from their land are now in jeopardy.

Moreover, the Chinese migrants are hiring other Chinese workers for permanent job to work on their farm land, putting Tibetan residents in danger of completely losing their source of livelihood.

Despite the Chinese government’s claim of making a great reconstruction efforts in the region, the Tibetans have strongly protested the unjust construction plans and confiscation of plum land owned by the Tibetans. For consecutive days from 1 – 3 April this year, a large number of Tibetans gathered in the main town to vent their indignation raising slogans of “we own rights to our land”.

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