“Tanks face Nyitso, more arrests in Tawu”

More from Phayul on the latest siege in Tibet:

Sources in exile have confirmed growing security clampdown and tighter restrictions at Nyitso Monastery and in the region following the death of Tsewang Norbu.

“Thousands of soldiers are keeping a tight vigil on Nyitso monastery. Chinese tanks and cannons have been deployed on the mountains facing Nyitso monastery,” said an exiled Tibetan with contacts in the region.

In a release today, the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) said that three more Tibetans from the Tawu region were arrested on unspecified charges as interrogations of the monks in the Nyitso monastery continues.

“On 19th of this month Norbu from Rinah Lungpa, Tawu was arrested in Siyo near Chengdu. The second Tibetan arrested is Gyaltsen from Nyeshap village, Tawu. He was arrested on 21 August 2011 while coming out of a hospital in Chengdu city where he was accompanying a relative for medication. The last person was arrested the next day, 22nd of this month, and is unidentified. The charges against them, their present condition and whereabouts remain not yet known,” the release said.

The release noted that despite the increased security clampdown in Tawu, Tibetans continue to visit the family of the deceased to pay homage and support.

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