“Tawu tense after monk’s self-immolation”

Yet another incident in Kham, also via Phayul:

Over a thousand Chinese armed security personnel have locked down Tawu Nyitso monastery, cutting off electricity and water supply as schools in the region remained closed following Monday’s self immolation of monk Tsewang Norbu.

Tsewang Norbu, 29, had set himself ablaze, raising slogans for the Dalai Lama’s return and freedom in Tibet in Tawu town. Defying the Chinese authorities, monks carried Tsewang Norbu’s charred body to his monastery where almost 10,000 local Tibetans gathered overnight to pay their respects.

Chinese police stopped the gathered people from entering the monastery resulting in the severe beating and arrests of an unspecified number of people. Sensing trouble, Chinese authorities ordered the immediate cremation of Tsewang Norbu’s body.

This is the same prefecture where police managed to restrain themselves and allowed a Tibetan conference to take place just a few weeks ago- it’s a pity they couldn’t show the same restraint with this funeral. Beatings and monastery blockades just make things worse.


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