“China suspected in unprecedented series of cyber attacks”

Shanghaiist puts it best:

In a cyber attack recently uncovered by McAfee Security, 72 organizations across the world were targeted for periods of up to five years in an attack being described by some as the largest of its kind. Dubbed “Operation Shady RAT”, targets of the attack included multinational corporations, tech companies, defense contractors, the UN, and various governments. Many believe only a “state actor” could be behind the attacks, and while few are naming names outright, fingers, as always, are eager to point at China. Why, you ask? Well, the targeting of multiple Asian countries and ASEAN were the first clues. But the dead giveaway was the hacking into the Olympics committees of multiple countries preceding the Beijing Olympics. Really, China, you should have known better. What other country on earth with that kind of espionage power would direct it at international sports bodies?

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