“Chicken toenails, anyone?”

David Sedaris, a generally well spoken-of writer, went to China and didn’t like it. Other people have dedicated more time to responding to his criticisms of China, but I just want to point out one part. Warning: what you’re about to read is a statement of such complete and total wrongness that I feel reluctant to even copy it onto my site:

Everyone swore that the food in Beijing and Chengdu would be different from what I’d had in the US. “It’s more real,” they said, meaning, it turned out, that I could dislike it more authentically.

China can be noisy. China can be crowded. China can be abrasive. None of that bothers me, but I could see how someone else might be off-put. But to come here and dislike the food is a sign of complete and total madness, the senseless ravings of a lunatic who should be put in straitjacket for his own good. If he ate in Beijing and Chengdu and couldn’t find anything that appealed to him, then the man should be put into a rocket and shot into the far depths of space. We don’t need someone like that on this planet.

Comes to China, and ‘dislikes’ the food. Good grief.


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5 responses to ““Chicken toenails, anyone?”

  1. Hate "real" chinese food

    Are you kidding me? He is absolutely right. I’ve spent a lot of time in Shanghai for business and have dreaded every single business meal, especially the dishes considered delicacies. The fascination with gelatinous textures and having the bones chopped up and included in every meat dish is totally disgusting. Worst food in the world, other than maybe Poland.

  2. you’re talking about food considered a delicacy. i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people all around the world eat strange stuff as delicacies.

    meanwhile, go out there and find the real restaurants where the vast majority of people eat their actual meals. you’re like someone going to france and complaining that french food is disgusting because they dont like snails- hint hint, that isn’t exactly a daily food there.

  3. in indiana you can buy fried cow brain sandwiches. therefore america has the worst food in the world.

  4. Peg

    You just undercut your cultural relativism argument by making fun of American food, btw.

  5. i don’t want to give anything aware here, but that was sarcastic. concluding that american food is awful because of one sandwich from the midwest would be pretty stupid, right?

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