“Ban on Islamic dress sparked Uygur attack”

Beijing and Uyghur groups are still fighting to get their respective sides of the Hotan attack out. Now South China Morning Post is reporting that attempts to curb the rising popularity of Islamic clothing might have been what started the fight:

Local residents believe that an attempt by the authorities in Hotan, Xinjiang, to gradually ban local Uygur women from wearing black veils and traditional Islamic black outfits was one of the main triggers of a deadly attack at a local police station on Monday.

A local government spokesman confirmed that an official campaign had been launched in recent months against a new trend of wearing black veils along with black robes – similar to the Islamic robes worn by the “black widow” attackers in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya – although those in Xinjiang are not exactly burqas.

Could that have been it? Maybe it was the last straw, but I don’t think people launch suicidal attacks on police stations over being denied access to trendy clothing alone. As always, more on this as stories are confirmed.

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