“China Offers Mongolia $500 Million Loan in Return for a Promise to Deny Sanctuary to Inner Mongolians?”

SMHRIC has been following the aftermath of last months Inner Mongolian protests. There was another round of herder protests last week, and now they’re reporting that China may be trying to buy the assistance of the Republic of Mongolia:

Prime Minister of Mongolia S. Batbold just returned from a visit to the People’s Republic of China. During his visit, the Prime Minister entered into an agreement with the southern neighbor in which Mongolia would receive a $500 Million loan. According to a source the agreement was discussed as early as 2002 when the Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Jintao paid an official visit to Mongolia. At that time, however, the amount was 300 million USD. The $300 million loan was proposed for the development of Mongolia as a gesture of friendly relationship with Mongolia from the Government of China and the Chinese people, and the Chinese side expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the agreement. However, according to the source, behind the $500 million loan there appeared to be a hidden agenda by the Chinese leaders. A reliable source confirmed that seven different conditions were given to the Mongolian authorities by Hu Jintao for this deal.

Among these conditions, one was related to Southern (Inner) Mongolians. Recently widespread unrest and tensions have escalated on the territory of Southern Mongolia. As Southern Mongolians strongly demand freedom and independence today, reportedly a tough request was given to our Prime Minister by the Chinese authorities. It was a request to guarantee that Mongolia will not accept Southern Mongolians and grant any legal residency. In response to a further request to deport all Southern Mongolians seeking asylum in Mongolia back to China, government leaders of Mongolia at the time, in particular, the Minister of Justice and Interior Ts. Nyamdorj worked actively to submit a recommendation to the Government of Mongolia for deporting Southern Mongolians back to China. Yet J. Baatar, then the head of the General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia, opposed the plan by stating that “we are not yet in a position to wash our hands with the blood of our brothers.”

I don’t like that parts of this apparently come down to a single source- but there’s no denying that it would be the exact same play China made in Nepal. File this one under “likely, but unconfirmed” for now.

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