“A Sane Approach to Development and Demolitions?”

ChinaGeeks has some interesting news– apparently the Party chief in Guangdong province is actually trying to develop a less destructive forced demolition technique. This one involves actually consulting people and being fair and might cut down on the number of infuriated citizens getting pushed over the edge. As Custer says:

Words matched by actions? Actually addressing an issue directly and constructively rather than just ignoring it and banning all discussion related to it? Taking the common people’s opinion of development projects into account? Who are you, and what have you done with the Guangdong CCP apparatus? Zing!

But seriously, unless there’s more going on here than we know about, this seems like a good thing. Delaying projects and actually talking to the people affected should help the government determine which projects are necessary or real improvements, and which projects are just destroying people’s homes for a quick buck. Much as I distrust the government’s ability to make that judgement, I’ve got to give the Guangdong boys credit here for at least coming up with the idea and starting the follow through. Here’s hoping they keep it up!


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