“It’s a Mad Mad 90th Anniversary”

Granite Studio has another good post, this one talking about the 90th anniversary. It’s full of quotes from Mad Men, a show I haven’t seen, but still covers quite a bit of ground. To start:

For all the Marxist educational materials and classes foisted upon China’s students plus forests of trees felled to supply the paper for endless government reports on socialist theory and scientific development, the real secret of the CCP is this: There is no plan and there never was. For the last 90 years, the Party has lurched from one big idea to another without really ever stopping to think about what might happen next: Join the KMT, work with the urban proletariat, get purged by the KMT, work with the peasants, work with the KMT again, fight the Japanese, carry out land reform sometimes but not if it pisses people off, take over the country, reform the land again only this time you mean it, then take the land back, ask for help from the Soviets, piss off Khrushchev and watch the Soviets leave, fight the US “invaders’ in Korea, invite Nixon to China, 100 Flowers and Anti-Rightist movements, communes and SEZs. Four Modernizations, Two Whatevers, Three Represents and still no plan. Why do so many foreign pundits argue about the future of the CCP? Because the CCP itself has no clue where it’s going to be in 10 years. It’s going to continue to react to whatever is immediately threatening its hold on power and go from there.

Well said. The entire thing is worth a read.


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