“Tibetans Held in Kardze”

RFA has the latest on Kardze, a Tibetan area in Sichuan close to Ngaba. Following a week of protests, authorities have begun their usual program of disappearances:

Authorities in a Tibetan region of southwestern Sichuan province have detained more than 60 people in the wake of protests against Chinese rule, exile Tibetan sources said.

“There have been continuing demonstrations in the the Kardze (in Chinese, Ganzi) area,” said Jampel Monlam, head of the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy based in the northern Indian town of Dharamsala.

“According to our initial figures, more than 60 people have been detained,” Jampel Monlam said. “Most of them are lamas or local people.”

“Most of them took part in demonstrations in Kardze county town,” he added, referring to the main town of Sichuan’s Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, which Tibetans refer to as part of Tibet’s Kham nomadic regions.

“They were calling for Tibetan independence, for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet, and for religious freedom,” Jampel Monlam added.

They were also calling for the release of political prisoners detained the previous year, he said.

I think if it was going to explode into another Tibet-wide protest like in 2008 it would have done so already. But with tensions still running high and Chinese celebrations over their “liberation” of Tibet coming up soon, the government obviously isn’t taking any chances.


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