“One Country Two Governments”

Politics from Taiwan has a post about “One Country, Two Governments,” one proposal for solving the Taiwan “issue.” Apparently the Guomindang has signaled they might be interested in this framework for talks with the mainland:

The ‘one country, two governments’ model is what “greater China” advocates in Taiwan have dreamed of for years — they envision a world where the ROC government survives intact and gains recognition from China and the world. Basically, pro-unification advocates in Taiwan envision this as a symbolic unification with practical independence maintained.

I think if there were any formulation for “unification” that will not send the Taiwanese people running to the DPP, it’s this one. Truth be told, even I would be interested in hearing more about the idea, and would not reject it out of hand. The major concern, of course, is that the CCP uses this model as a lure to ‘solve’ the unification problem, then puts increasing pressure on Taiwan to gradually gain control over the island.

That would definitely be a real concern. Hong Kong has seen subtly increasing Chinese pressure on their political system, and Taiwan would do well to keep a close eye on how Beijing treats HK. As far as Zhongnanhai is concerned there’s only one party in China, and it does not share power…


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