“The Lichuan Mass Incident”

EastSouthWestNorth has more about the ongoing protests in western Hubei province:

The cause of death is under investigation. In the mean time, the photos of Ran Jianxin are all over the Internet for everybody to see, and they ask: Do you need an investigation to tell that the man was murdered?

The relatives, friends, colleagues and other Lichuan residents went to the government office to demand severe punishment of the murderers of Ran Jianxin. There is now a mass concentration of regular police and armed police at Lichuan.

On June 9, about 20,000 citizens surrounded the city government building. The armed police were pelted with thousands of rocks, fruits and garbage. The security guardhouse windows were smashed. In the afternoon, more than 100 armed police officers charged out and hit the demonstrators with electric batons.

Check out the link, as they have a number of pictures from the standoff between protesters and police.


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