“Official’s death sparks rioting in Hubei city”

As an example of the kind of almost everyday protests that break out here, check out this one reported by the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy:

More than 2,000 protesters attacked the Lichuan city government’s headquarters in Hubei for a fourth day yesterday after the mysterious death of a respected official during interrogation by prosecutors in nearby Badong county.

Angry villagers have taken to the streets in protest since Tuesday. The Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said yesterday that at least 1,000 armed anti-riot policemen were deployed to stop angry protesters from entering the government headquarters on Thursday, with more than 20 people arrested.

A report in Guangzhou’s Southern Metropolis News quoted villagers from at least five villages formerly run by Ran as saying that he was the subject of a graft probe because he refused to forcibly demolish villagers’ flats during a government land requisition campaign, which enraged higher authorities including Li.

It cited angry villagers as saying that Ran was the only official who gave them support during government land requisitions and forced demolitions.

Incidents of this size are a regular occurrence. Note that forced demolitions are again a root cause behind their anger, and also that the protesters came together like this because they feel that every force in Chinese society- the Party, the media, the government, everything- is against them, with the exception of this one guy. This is the long-term effect of stacking the deck against the people in every imaginable way.


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